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Recycling & Stock Yard Facilities

         Westfall Aggregate & Materials also offers material recycling ALL DELIVERIES MUST BE FIRST COORDINATED THROUGH THE OFFICE BY CALLING (740)-477-8600.  The following materials are accepted and please note that a fee applies to some but not all. 

Concrete and Asphalt that cannot be crushed such as footers, concrete with rebar and dirt mixed in with the asphalt.

                   Dump Truck/Semi: $50.00 per load

                   Pickup: $35.00 per load

                   Small Trailer Pulled by Small Pickup: $35.00 per load

Clean Dirt: No Charge, but we need to know where it came from - we are unable to accept dirt from industrial sites due to possible contamination. 

Concrete and Asphalt that can be recycled, meaning no mix of dirt in the concrete or asphalt, no concrete bigger than 18"x18" and no rebar in the concrete.

                 Dump Truck/Semi: $35.00 per load

                 Pickup: $25.00 per load

                 Trailer Pulled by Small Pickup: $25.00 per load

Discounts possible for customers also purchasing stone for a Job/Project that the material to dumped is coming from along with non-profit organizations. 

Hill Road Pit

19522 London Road

Circleville, Ohio 43113

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